An exceptional wedding with VIPCar Réunion

Rent a prestigious car for a wedding in la Reunion:
the final touch for a magical and unforgettable ceremony. VIPcar offers you the widest choice of high-end vehicles in la Reunion.

An exceptional wedding with VIPCar Réunion
An exceptional car for a unique wedding

An exceptional car for a unique wedding

Arriving and leaving at the place of the ceremony in a prestigious car is a unique memory. Renting a luxury car enhances the wedding both during the ceremony and afterwards, through the photos taken. In this magnificent vehicle you lead the procession of cars to get to the town hall. The guests will remember this moment for a long time...

Beautiful spots for your wedding photos

Due to its reliefs and the diversity of its landscapes, la Reunion Island offers you breathtaking views for your wedding photos.

Beautiful spots for your wedding photos

Competitive rates for your wedding car

We are very competitive on rental rates and we offer perfectly maintained vehicles including comprehensive insurance. See our pricing page to find out about the different car rental prices.

Sometimes you just want to have fun! The price of the vehicle is a minor expense in the overall cost of a wedding but will have a major impact on the look of the wedded couple!

You will find prestigious vehicles at a wide variety of prices, from € 80 per day to over € 400 per day. Our range makes it possible to suit all budgets. we are sure you will find the perfect fit.

Obtenir les tarifs
Obtenir les tarifs

Modern high-end and efficient cars

With Vipcar Reunion, your luxury vehicle is recent and well maintained. We have the largest range of high-end brands to offer: Porsche, Bentley, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes and many more... A recent vehicle is the guarantee of taking quality photos on your wedding day, and of avoiding mechanical disappointments.

What about the rental of vintage vehicles in la Reunion?

It is complicated to find a collectible car rental in la Reunion. The marine and tropical climate greatly harms cars over time, especially when they are old and vintage.

Un mariage unique


We offer at reasonable price this service in addition to the rental of your high-end vehicle. It allows you not to have to worry about driving. Your driver takes all responsibilities. Our drivers are available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day by reservation. Consult our dedicated page to know the modalities and details of this chauffeur service.

Continue your VIP experience with la Reunion seen from above

Many guests seek sensationalism by accompanying their weddings on a helicopter tour of the island.

Why not take unforgettable photos in the company of your luxury car and Coral helicopters?

Everyone is in for a treat: you and your friends.

Our partner Corail has many special wedding offers.
Exceptional souvenir photos and videos for you and your guests

luxury car and Coral helicopters