The Tenant is the person or entity in whose name the contract is established. If the tenant is a physical person, he is also the payer and the main conductor. If the Tenant is a legal person (eg company ,association, etc. ) then the main driver is the signatory to the contract provides to the Tenant

The Landlord rent the vehicle described on the form “Descriptive statement” attached to this contract . The tenant accepting the offer, undertakes to respect contractual provisions as described below, it is clear that the contract includes the general conditions (below), the special conditions, the descriptive vehicle contradictorily drawn at baseline and return the invoice and the security deposit.

1‐What conditions must I fulfill in order to rent?

The main driver as additional drivers must meet age limits and holding period of the lead regulatory permit as defined in paragraph 5 of this document

What documents do I need? The national driving license or a European state or international regulatory permits valid or the driver (s). As an individual, you must present: Proof of address (eg energy release, or water bill fixed telephone) less than three months, a credit card in your name and surname (No payment by check).

As a company, you must present: A power allowing the main driver to rent the vehicle to the company’s name if it is not the legal representative of the company, a K BIS extract of less than three months or Dl model extract less than four months, the company RIB An order signed bythe legal representative of the company and mentioning his No. RCS

2‐What do I rent?

The vehicle that is given to you under the lease is the one named in the vehicle’s descriptive statement before taking over the vehicle, you must complete and sign with the Lessor this descriptive statement, and you acknowledge and character contradictory to the said description You can check the operation of the vehicle over a distance of 3 km, beyond which the vehicle will be considered free of apparent defects

WARNING: Assuming he would refuse to sign the back of the vehicle description status,The Tenant agrees that the Landlord has recourse to the Lessor independent automotive expert to establish the descriptive state return, and that the cost of this speaker will be charged

3‐for What use the vehicle?

You agree to drive as good father and to respect the french Highway Code. You also agree that the vehicle is not used:

  • For transporting paying passengers (regardless of the method of payment chosen and regardless of the written or verbal commitment)
  • To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer or other rolling object or not,in the context of competitions,
  • For illicit purposes,
  • To learning the conduct

You agree to hold the vehicle closed and locked when not in use by keeping the keys that should’nt ,in no case, be left on board

You shall not assign, sell, mortgage or pledge this contract, the vehicle, its equipments or tools, or process in a way to prejudice the Lessor

You agree not to modify or add any equipment to the rented vehicle.

4‐Who is allowed to drive and is insured?

Only drivers named in this contract and approved by the Lessor are authorized to drive the vehicle, you can register up to two additional drivers agency to lease These drivers have the same conditions as the principal driver

5‐Who and How am I insured

The main driver as additional drivers must be aged at least 21 years and hold their lead regulatory permits for more than 2 years (except particular conditions stipulated time offers branch or at www VIPCAR‐reunion com) The minimum age to make a rental is 21 years or more than 2 years of license (25 years or more than 5 years of license for some models see table franchises) A young driver surcharge is applicable for older tenants from 21 to 23 years and or ‐ 3 years of license at the current rate,payable from the rental agency.

For vehicles of category « mono5 » and above, as well as utility DC and higher range,they must be aged at least 25 and hold their lead regulatory permits for over 5 years see table franchises

The amount of the contracted deductible is doubled since the drivers registered in a contract is under theage of 23 years and or ‐ 3 years of license

CAUTION: Only drivers named on the rental agreement have insured status under Lessor’s insurance contract. Consequently when the vehicle is driven by an unnamed driver in the contract, the tenant remains solely responsible for all expenses resulting from a disaster that may occur (including under the provisions of Article L‐21 on January 1 of the Insurance Code concerning the handling of the vehicle against the will of the Lessor). Finally it is recalled that the Tenant is solely responsible for the financial consequences of the use of the vehicle by any authorized driver. It is specified that , in the event that the insured vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver, the insurance only guarantees civil liability incurred by the latter and may exercise its right of appeal against the Tenant, as provided in Article 1‐1 L21 of the Insurance Code

Who is insured?

Are insured (s) driver (s) named (s) on the lease and passengers, and for the entire rental period (until the return of the keys and papers to the Host during the opening hours of the agency).

For how long?

The end of the lease is evidenced by the delivery of the vehicle with its original keys to an employee of Lessor in the agency, the date and time specified in the lease. Any vehicle returned outside office hours of opening remains under the responsibility of the tenant

The return of the vehicle time to close the contract and determine the amount of the invoice will be the time of the next opening of the agency’s. User tenant remains responsible for the rented vehicle during the entire rental and parking. The owner reserves the right to terminate immediately and automatically to the rental without having to justification or compensation in the event that the tenant does not respect one of the essential obligations of this contract including vehicle operating conditions the payment of rent and return conditions. The tenant should ask the landlord at least 48 hours in advance, the extension of thelease by accompanying the corresponding provision under penalty of exposing themselves to prosecution for misappropriation of the vehicle and breach of trust, however, the lessor reserves the right to refuse the extension of the lease, without compensation to the lessee, with the obligation for it to immediately return the vehicle

What contractually acquired insurance?

The driver (s) designated in the contract benefits (s) of the motor insurance policy underwritten by Lessor covering liability for damage to third parties, theft or attempted theft of vehicle the fire and the damage of the rented vehicle (subject to a deductible of 1,000€ to 3.000€) doubled in case of theft and / or when the driver is under 23 years, or ‐ 3 years of license, depending on the category of the vehicle and subject to the special provisions of paragraph 6)

CAUTION: This font insurance is only valid in Reunion Island

What optional insurance?

Optionally, and if express reference is contained in special conditions of this lease:

5‐1 ‐Insurance franchise reduction (CDW) which allows the insured not to settle a reduced deductible in case of accident or glass breakage (only valid if the loss is covered by insurance), subject to the particular conditions of the lease (CDW) is not available for those under 23 years or less than three years permit. ‐Insurance

5‐2 (TPC) allows to reduce the total exemption to the deductible (see attached table) in case of theft or attempted theft of the vehicle ‐Insurance

5‐3 Glass breakage and simple covers Puncture damage to all windows and mirrors of the vehicle except the optical headlights, following damage occurring outside voluntary accident because of the tenant out and out heft or attempted theft It covers the puncture tires since the latter does not result accident or improper use of the vehicle

What is left in my care in case of disaster?

Three cases:

‐Or you are not liable for the claim since insurers have been able to attribute the entire responsibility of the accident to an identified third party, in which case you pay nothing and this franchise is not applied .

‐Or You are totally or partially responsible for the accident since it is covered by insurance, in which case you will not have, at most, that the franchise up to the amounts specified in the special conditions of this lease

‐Or Let the incident took place in one of the cases referred to in paragraph 6, in which case you are not covered by the insurance policy and you are liable for the full repair of the vehicle and / or the value of the vehicle and / or damage to third parties

WARNING: It is recalled that, if the tenant is involved in several claims during the term of the lease, each claim independently will result in the application of compensation according to the above terms .

What are the amounts of the franchise?

The deductible is the maximum amount that you pay when damage to the vehicle are covered by insurance deductible is doubled in case of theft or when the driver is under 23 years, or ‐ 3 years of license The amount differ according to the categories, it is stated in the general rental rate searchable agency (see table franchises)

6 When am I not insured ?

You are not insured within twelve cases:

  • 1 If you are unable to return to the Lessor the original keys of the vehicle after detecting the theft thereof, provided that the theft is your fault. In this case, you will be required to pay the value of the vehicle estimated by expert
  • When vehicle damage resulting from burns, internal damage, overload, bad judgment by the driver of the vehicle gauge especially on slopes (above the windshield) damage on the lower parts vehicle (below the bumper) such as damage to the tires, hubcaps and rims and their mechanical consequences are not taken into account by insurance
  • 3 When the driver is drunk as defined by the French Highway Code, or when the driver has taken drugs or narcotics legally prohibited, or when the driver has taken medicine, medically prescribed or not, the notice states that their use is likely to cause drowsiness
  • When damage occurs to the vehicle while the vehicle has not been returned on time in this contract, this case being considered as a conduct against the will of the Lessor and misuse of the vehicle . This provision does not apply if you have obtained express agreement to extend the term of lease from the Lessor
  • 5 If yourself and / or driver have provided the Lessor false information about your identity or the validity of your driving license it will be the same for false statements on the accident report or insurance claim or the descriptive return of the vehicle
  • 6 for damage or loss of any nature whatsoever, affecting personal effects,objects or animals contained in
  • 7 When the vehicle damage results from a deliberate act by yourself and / or the conductor
  • When the vehicle is used to transport paying passengers or for learning to drive
  • 9 When the vehicle is rented and used overloaded, carrying more passengers or a load greater than permitted and that on the registration. In this case, only the liability coverage will apply for
  • 10 additional insurance except glass breakage Glass breakage CDW +glass breakage
  • 11 Towing in case of disaster or responsible third parties without identified
  • 12 Any damage, failure or accidents occurring outside public pathways Urban (no tar, trails,
  • ravines) will not be guaranteed by insurance, any costs will be borne entirely by the tenant

CAUTION: In all these cases, you are liable for all repairs and / or the value of the vehicle on presentation of the corresponding supporting

7‐What should I do in case of breakdown, accident, theft or destruction of the vehicle?

You get medical assistance and technical round the clock, 7 days 7 In case of breakdown, accident, theft, or destruction of the vehicle, call the support phone number 0262 41 92 77 and / or to the agency where you rented your vehicle

WARNING: Regarding the assistance of the vehicle, the Tenant agrees to comply precisely with the instructions communicated to him by its corresponding Otherwise, the Tenant will remain financially responsible benefits that will be implemented on its own initiative and without prior consent of his correspondent.

8‐What are my obligations in case of theft or accident?

‐You Agree to respect the following three obligations:

‐Declare theft or attempted theft of the vehicle to the police or gendarmerie and the Lessor as soon as you become aware and to provide it within 48 business hours filing complaint and the original car keys

‐Declare immediately (within 5 days maximum) Lessor any traffic accident on the rented vehicle and delivery to Landlord a reVIPCARble copy of the accident report completed and signed by both parties and contact details of witnesses, if there occurs In case of accident without third party, you should make a statement on the exact circumstances of the accident ‐Contact I’assisteur as indicated in paragraph 7.

9‐ The deposit arrangements:

A deposit by credit card will be called to pick up the vehicle, the credit card expiry dates greater than 30 days after the date of return of the latter vehicle is imperative be the names and user names.The amount of the deposit is equal to the amount of non‐reduced full duty according to category of vehicle rented latter will be partially or completely acquired GDS in case of damage or theft of the vehicle due to the Tenant In the absence of damage or theft, this deposit will be refunded to the Tenant at the end of the contract, and within a maximum period of 8 days after the end of the rental materialized by returning the vehicle to the Lessor. The tenant accepts already that the Lessor can deduct the sums due under the additional costs (see paragraph 10) in his bank account using the bank pre‐authorize exceptional circumstances and subject to the agent’s agreement . It is specified that in case of renting more than 7 days, the deposit, according to the amount in general tariff will be charged when making rental and returned, without interest, at the end of rental, subject to the perfect execution of the above conditions

10‐What should I pay to the lessor?

Two types of fees apply:

1‐the certain costs, that is to say committed to the signing of this contract:

‐ The price listed on the rental agreement ‐The services you have requested from the Lessor , supplements provided in the general rental rate available from branches (eg airport surcharge, supplementary insurance, BB seats, booster seats, additional drivers).

2‐Additional charges recorded at the return of the vehicle:

‐The vehicle damage not covered by the insurance contract as specified in paragraph 6

‐The contractual franchise in the case of a fully or partially at‐fault accident, doubled for Drivers under 23 years, or ‐ 3 years of license

‐For damage costing less than the deductible, the rate corresponding to the estimate (vehicle manufacturer or authorized coachbuilder our automotive expert) will be applied

‐The tickets various fines and legally at your expense and attributable to the care and use of the vehicle as well as management fees (see list price) for each contravention of the Highway Code or fine attributable to the use of the vehicle that VIPCAR

‐The agency will treat any parking fees

‐The expert finding costs.

‐The Capital costs up to a half‐day rental of the category of vehicle rented on the basis of the general tarifff in km unlimited

‐The disaster management fee of a fixed amount per claim (see list price)

‐The fuel costs when a discrepancy is found missing on the level of the gauge of the description of return + refresher expenses (see general tariff) (a contrario, no refund will be made)

-Security Kit: the amount of 15 euros including VAT will be charged by the landlord if the tenant does not make his vehicle or with the kit (s) full security (I pre‐warning triangle + I Reflective vest) at the end of its lease

‐The lease cancellation fees, see section WARNING below.

‐An Extra day rental car category hired on the basis of General unlimited mileage will be charged on the Tenant to failure to return on time and after a 29 minutes grace period

‐The repairs caused by an fuel error

‐The reminders for unpaid fuel costs (see general tarifff in force) unless otherwise provided by stimulus which can, however, set a rate lower than one and half times the rate of interest applied by the European Central Bank to its refinancing the latest plus percentage 7points The delay penalties are payable without any reminder (Paragraph of Article L 441‐6 of the Commercial Code).

CAUTION: If the Tenant, by himself, does not take possession of the vehicle at the date and time scheduled, the Lessor will retain a fraction of the price of the hiring and the vehicle shall be deemed available to rent

11‐Informatique and Freedoms

Information collected is for use by the Agency VIPCAR for management purposes including treatment of fines and violations of the Code of the Road. However, they may be communicated, on request only to police, gendarmerie and justice in exclusion of any other, by means of a potential provider of their choice According to the law “Computer and Freedoms” of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and correct information concerning you . If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about you, please contact the Consumer Service VIPCAR 3 Rue Croix Rouge ZAE La Mare ‐ 97438 Sainte Marie

(Tel 0262 21 59 01 ‐ Fax 0262 53 80 83)

Requests for corrections must necessarily be made in writing In case of complaint, please contact the agency whose phone number (no surcharge) is mentioned in the Special Conditions of the contract The franchised agency, independent legal entity, is your contracting party in the part of the contract A commercial basis, the company VIPCAR independent franchisee Reunion offers a Consumer Service:

(Email: serviceclient @ VIPCAR‐reunion com tel:

0262 21 59 01, no surcharge).

CAUTION: The tenant accepts already the Lessor may deduct the sums due for additional expenses and some (see paragraph 10) in his bank account using the bank pre‐approval or the security deposit check

Date and Signature with the handwritten mention « Good for acceptance »